Around the world, the digital revolution is accelerating at a rate never seen before, affecting almost every industry. In the retail sector, the need for organizations to digitalize is also growing, which is especially true for marketing activities. New technologies follow each other in rapid succession, making the possibilities of personalized marketing and artificial intelligence (AI) endless.

Central managed communications via a web-based marketing platform

Results in structural cost savings, a reduction in time-to-market and a substantial improvement in customer journeys.

Retailware lets you digitalize your marketing production process at all levels, allowing you to optimize the entire marketing chain, from concept to distribution. Linx IT Solutions’ Retailware enables your organization to respond in a targeted manner to the changing dynamic of the retail market with online customized solutions for development, production, management, and use of marketing materials.

Our specialized support team guarantees a smooth implementation and an optimal, globally functioning platform around-the-clock.

Retailware increases the efficiency and effectiveness of your marketing communications in the three most important phases of the marketing production process: the creating and developing phase, the producing phase and the distributing phase.

Creating and developing marketing materials

Increase your organization’s creative capacity. When creating and developing marketing materials, organizations strive for the highest quality, maximum synergy between the marketing production chain components and perfect, central coordination of communication. This results in a cost-efficient creation process, a consistent brand image and error-free communication. As global players, we notice that retailers often find it challenging to sustain the structural development of marketing materials at the appropriate level.

Linx IT Solutions believes that digitalizing the creation of marketing materials is not about replacing people. Our retail experience has shown that digitalization gives a boost to streamlining and improving the development process as well as the creative ability of organizations. Retailware allows you to connect the unique talents and creative skills of the people purposefully and efficiently in your organization with the latest digital technology.

Seeing is believing

We would like to show you what Linx IT Solutions can do for your business. We will answer your questions about the features of our solutions and support with examples from our practice. With a live demo, we can let you experience the power of our solutions. Our experts are happy to help you on your way to a more successful business.

Organize and optimize your marketing communication processes. Make use of far-reaching digitization opportunities and deploy your resources efficiently. Retailware helps!

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RetailWare implementation plans

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Basic Power Enterprise
Custom sub domain name*
Branded portal
Single language
Single brand
Retailware User management
Rights / roles management
News section on landing page
Branded Asset Transfer
Branded Asset Transfer invite
Client domain name (SSL included)
Single Sign On
Client owned cloud storage provider
(Azure Blob, Google Cloud, AWS Cloud)
Customized Operational Support
Customized SLA
Staging environment
Modules Modules Modules
AssetFlow (DAM)
AI color recognition*
AI auto tagging (available soon)
AI meta data translations (available soon)
Image conversions
Unlimited nr. of meta data fields
Search engine
Filter options
Shopping cart
Collections (coming soon)
AdFlow* (Template driven artwork design)
Retail Order System*
Store management
Formula management
Product management*
Decentral user management*
Marketing Production System* (production order workflow)
Production workflow
Online review
Dedicated Adobe InDesign server incl. VM as option*
Narrowcastware* (briefing narrowcasting materials and schedule)
Online generation of online and print banners
Retail Order System* (ordering of pre-produced marketing and formula materials)
Suppliers order form
(approval) Workflow
Template driven artwork generation
Automated ordering
Order overview
Narrowcastware* (briefing narrowcasting materials and schedule)