Phomas, the global photography management system for brand owners and retailers

Advanced digitalization is leading millions of consumers worldwide to shop more and more online. As a result, the global e-commerce market is growing steadily.

In 2023, the global turnover of online sales through e-commerce platforms in the retail industry was estimated at $6.3 trillion. In addition, these online sales represented 20.8% of all purchases in the retail sector. By 2026, the total global e-commerce market is estimated at $8.1 trillion and 24% of retail purchases online will be made through e-commerce. E-commerce is the sales channel of the future on which retailers are increasingly successful in reaching their customers worldwide.

Of course, your organization strives to take full advantage of the global growth of the e-commerce market. High-quality product photography is one of the most important factors in increasing your e-commerce revenues and improving your brand ranking. The quality of your product photography plays a crucial role in reducing high return rates and optimizing the customer journey. It is therefore the key to successful global growth of your e-commerce business.

Successful integration of product photography

into your organisation

Nowadays, high-quality product photography is not only relevant for the e-commerce business of organizations, but also for all kinds of internal systems such as ERP, PIM and Dam systems. Moreover, e-commerce is no longer limited to an organization’s own e-commerce platform. Partner sites, wholesalers, retailers, and online marketplaces like Amazon and Zalando all need imagery that meets their own requirements.

How do you ensure that product photography is structurally and successfully integrated into your organization? This requires a specialized strategic partner with the knowledge and tools to make every part of the e-commerce photography process function properly.

This ensures optimal, consistent product photography across all relevant e-commerce platforms and systems.


The photography management system for brand owners

Phomas is a global e-commerce photography management system, which was developed in collaboration with one of the world’s largest fashion brands. It allows you to digitalize and optimize the production of your product photography for all the e-commerce channels on which your organization operates. Phomas from Linx IT Solutions enables your organization to respond effectively to the globally growing e-commerce market. With a revolutionary platform that ensures state-of-the-art development, production, management and distribution of your product photography. Our specialized support team guarantees an efficient implementation and a 24/7 optimal functioning platform.

Phomas optimizes your product photography throughout the entire production process, from pre-production to global distribution. The result: the best imagery at a lower cost, reduction of return rates and substantial improvement of the customer journey.

The high demands of the modern e-commerce market

The global e-commerce market is dynamic and constantly changing. Whereas 10 years ago the focus for retailers was still entirely on their own online e-commerce sales channels, retailers worldwide are increasingly working together with various partners and online marketplaces as sales channels.

As an internationally operating party, we see that many retailers in today’s e-commerce market experience it as a challenge to develop high-quality product photography that is consistent and efficient.

All marketplaces have their own technical specifications for product photography. Moreover, they are also increasingly demanding images matching their look and feel.

Seeing is believing

We would like to show you what Linx IT Solutions can do for your business. We will answer your questions about the features of our solutions and support with examples from our practice. With a live demo, we can let you experience the power of our solutions. Our experts are happy to help you on your way to a more successful business.

Manage photo shoots, comment on retouches and create all required versions of a product image automatically.

Even controlling the image positions from one application, Phomas!

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Phomas implementation plans


  • Navigation
  • Role based user management
  • Companies
  • News section (landing page)
  • Guideline section
  • Workflow automation
  • Export automation
  • Invoicing
  • Notification management

App store

  • Captue One Integration*
  • NAS Integration

Ticketing system*

  • Decentralized user management
  • Support multiple process contributors


  • FAQ*

Order generation

  • Master data File import*

Shot request generation

  • Generate shot requests on product group mapping*


  • Photography orders*

  • Photography reference images

Image Import

  • Batch upload*
  • (s)FTP import
  • NAS Cloud sync import

Image retouch

  • Flexible retouch workflow*
  • Review & Approval phases
  • Style based Review & Approval phases
  • Automated approvals
  • Batch export s)FTP to Retouch company

Image export

  • Support multiple export media channels*
  • Batch export (entire seasons)
  • Individual export (When approved)
  • Automated derivative generation
  • Automated smart cropping
  • Automted file conversions


  • Overview all exported derivatives*
  • Grouped view (Stle based)
  • Filter options
  • Auto generate derivative features
  • Auto distribution features

Additional features

  • Color Swatch addon
  • Color swatch creator
  • Product Swatch addon
  • H-over image selection
  • Order guidelines
  • Photography guidelines
  • Shot Instructions
  • Shop The Look
  • Order attachment
  • Additional article number

Sample tracking module

  • Inbound scanning*
  • Outbound scanning
  • Rack tracking

Copywriting module

  • Copy writing*
  • Translations*


  • Tutorial videos*