Consultancy & partnerships

At Linx IT Solutions, we strongly believe in partnerships. The idea of a comprehensive application is not future-proof. After all, the current era is characterized by rapid technical developments and consumer behavior adapted to them. We see a lot of providers emerging and disappearing. That is why, from its early days, Linx has opted for a system that is as open as possible for its development.

By means of system integrations, we achieve an optimal process. Based on “security by design” and “privacy by design”. The Microsoft development environment offers us these possibilities.

But we look beyond our own developments!

Through strategic partnerships, we are able to offer our clients more and really propose the best possible process. Because we have already established connections with our partners, we are able integrate their systems quickly and efficiently.

We are also happy to use our knowledge of all systems as a consultancy service for companies that feel the need for a digital transformation. Whether this leads to the implementation of our own marketing or photography management platform or not.


Information Security (NIS 2)

Together with, Linx can offer you a online management system which helps you to be prepared for the latest NIS2 directive. And as Linx we help you to prepare all required information, policies and documentation. This not only speeds up the process it also give the management a clear view on the status. Something which is a management responsibility under the NIS2 directive!

Supplier portal

Mata data is a key component for all kind of systems. But it also is a hassle to get the right information in, in time, accurate and complete. Here’s where a supplier portal can be helpful. By having connections to externa data sources, a lot of master data can be imported from these sources. Suppliers can add their specific information and all gets streamlined to import into existing internal systems. @ Linx we’re more than happy to introduce you in the world of master data and data enrichment.

Let us inform you!

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