Information Security: supporting businesses to organize their information security processes

The security of our society and economy is at stake due to various developments under increasing pressure. Think of pandemics and wars, but also on in the field of cyber threats, organizations are facing increasingly urgent challenges. Research by shows that 90% of organizations has had to deal with a cyber incident in the past year. And more than one on the three (36%) companies have experienced a data breach (source: State of Infosec report by In view of the growing cyber threats, the European Union adopted the “Network and Cyber Threats” at the end of 2022

The Network Information Security directive’ (NIS2) obliges European member states to strengthen digital and economic resilience. The aim of the Directive is to limit the maximum amount of the digital (cyber) risks to the network and information systems of organizations.

Information Security embedded into your organization

In view of the NIS2 Directive, the Dutch government advises your organization to start now with the optimizing of your cybersecurity and ensuring the continuity of your business processes in the long term. This will protect your organization against existing cyber risks and ensure that your company‘s policies are organization is in line with the new legislation resulting from the NIS2 Directive. This is expected to be completed by the end of the year enter into force in 2024.

Linx IT Solutions is a long–term partner for customers in the field process optimization and digitalization for business processes. From that perspective, privacy and internet security have always been very important. Ensuring digital security and protecting privacy are an integral part of from the service provided to our customers. As a reseller, we offer you, based on our expertise in the field of Security and Privacy, a high–quality online platform for information security to:

Seeing is believing

We would like to show you what Linx IT Solutions can do for your business. We will answer your questions about the features of our solutions and support with examples from our practice. With a live demo, we can let you experience the power of our solutions. Our experts are happy to help you on your way to a more successful business.

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