Marcomware featuring:

  • Extensible cloud platform
  • Easy to use solutions
  • Optimized to adapt your internal processes
  • Supported by our dedicated team of young professionals
  • Proven track record with well-known brands

Empower your visual presence!

It’s our aim to provide our clients with the best platform for all external partners, accounts, and own employees to share valuable marketing contents and empowering them to make local adaptions themselves any time they need them.

The enterprise digital asset management application AssetFlow is the heart of the system. This brand asset management system allows you to share content, to let teams across the world work together and to give users the tools to download marketing materials matching your brand guidelines at any time.

Asset Flow also is the central repository to store images and logos used for the creation of artwork adaptions and the via the AdFlow application-generated materials. These can always be reviewed and even shared with other markets as inspiration.

With AdFlow, your users can create marketing materials themselves in the exact dimensions they need it. The template-driven iDesigners guarantee that the result matches your design guidelines exactly. And the smart conversion options produce high-res artwork which can immediately be used for sheet-fed offset, digital print or online use.

It makes no sense to try and automate all your artwork requests. It is better to produce the one-off requests at a studio. But the OrderFLow module will help to give them a complete briefing and allows users to review proofs online as well as download the finalized artwork.


You and your team can spend time on campaign development rather than on the creation of adaption requests. Additionally, your users can create adaptions matching their exact requirements whenever they need them. Simple and fast!


Marcomware allows you to share all marketing content with your target groups all over the globe. Smart filters show them the results within a few clicks. And sharing these with external people has never been so easy!


Brand constancy is key for an optimal visual presence. Marcomware gives you the tools to control the process upfront and give your target groups exactly the tools you want them to use. They don’t need design skills to create what you have developed!


Visual presence and quality has improved by giving local markets the tools to download or create materials matching our brand standards whenever they need them!