AdFlow featuring:

  • Authorization based on user role
  • Supports Single Sign On (ADFS)
  • Supports Adobe Indesign templates
  • Create Artwork adaptions
  • Smart image crop and scale feature
  • Optimized for your specific media

Central design – local adaptions!

AdFlow is the template driven artwork creation application that can be hosted in all three suites.

AdFlow supports Adobe Indesign templates and the smart designers allows your users to create artwork that matches your design guidelines exactly. The iDesigners support smart cropping and auto-scaling, allowing your users to request artwork in the exact dimensions they need.

The smart conversion feature creates artwork for specific media so the look and feel across different media is similar. You don’t need to involve prepress agencies to get an optimized result! This saves time and money!


Make your artwork adaptions when you need them with only a few mouse clicks and review the result online!


The flexible workflow allows you to implement an approval phase before your users can download and share the high-res materials.


All created artwork is stored as assets. That way, you can always monitor who has created what and when!


A fast and easy roll-out of our new campaign, giving local markets the options to create their own materials whenever they need them. We are already focusing on our next campaign!