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LinxFLow media portal, AssetFLow, digital Asset management, AdFlow, online Artwork Template Driven Creation and Phomas, The Photo Shoot Management Solution for E-commerce photography.

Management of product photography: Phomas

Phomas is a unique online solution to control and manage your (product) photography process. Whether you shoot in house or you have outsourced your (product) photography, Phomas puts you in control: From import of product information, to creating orders for the photographer - exactly showing them which angles to shoot - to an online image acceptance and image retouch workflow, and automated image conversion to match specificationof your online sales channels.


Global distribution of marketing & corporate communication materials: AssetFlow

AssetFlow is the LinxFlow Digital Asset Management System. All your valuable assets can be stored in one central asset repository and shared all over the globe with authorized users. Online image conversion, including color profiles to match specific print standards, are included, even when images are requested in specific dimensions... The unique Crop feature allows art directors to control crops on imagery by defining crop areas. This way, images can be cropped real-time at users request! Unlimited meta data fields can be added, allowing specific user groups to easily find what they are looking for. Videos can be stored on the Vimeo platform as well, allowing play-back in the Asset Browsers detail view. Online conversion to various resolutions is an additional feature for MP4 videos. All other kinds of assets, such as  MS Word documents, MS Excel Files, MS Powerpoint presentations, PDF files and even zip archives, can be stored and shared.


Online artwork creation: AdFlow

Online template driven creation of Artwork. For Advertisements, In-Store communications, both print and online, and Outdoor materials: with AdFlow the creation process can be decentralized, to produce for your local markets at the moment they require. The flexible template driven Designers allow even staff with no design background at all, to match your brand guidelines!


Asset collaboration & Cloud storage: Assetlab

Assetlab empowers the collaboration of team members and sharing a wide variety of assets in a secure way. Members can easily comment on assets uploaded by other team members and after moderation these comments become available for all authorized users. Assets can be distributed and shared with all team members. Safe & easy!