ProductionFlow featuring:

  • Authorization based on user role
  • Supports Single Sign On (ADFS)
  • Ensures complete briefs
  • Online approval phase
  • Deliver uploaded artwork online
  • 24/7 status insights

Monitoring all studio requests!

ProductionFlow, is an online studio track & trace solution. Give your local markets and external partners options to brief your studio via an online form. This ensures that all required information to start the work is available. It enables selection of campaign images and uploading of own logos or images.

For specific order types (online vs print), different forms can be offered. When a form has been filled in, your producer will be notified. And when you have a larger team, everybody can pick the requests with highest priority directly from a list. This even supports teams working on external locations or freelancers!

With ProductionFlow, you can easily monitor progress and make sure all your deadlines are met!


Online briefing forms ensures all required information is available @ production start!


The flexible workflow allows you to implement an approval phase before your users can download and share the high-res materials.


All created artwork is stored as assets. That way, you always can monitor who has created what and when!


A fast and easy way to support occasional requests, giving local markets and partners the options to request materials and brief your studio. Enables online approval and distribution!