Does ‘continuous delivery’ changes the approach of the New York Fashion Week?

Fri, 09 Feb 2018

The New York fashion Weeks started again with its 2018 edition. Like other Fashion Weeks, the NY fashion Week is re-inventing itself. Designers leave and new designers come but the New York fashion week still is one of the major platforms to present new collections. Although some of the leading brands are creating their own events to launch their collections months earlier, based on the “see-now-buy-now” principle. It looks like the time of big shows half a year before the collection launches are behind us. The consumer of today is well-informed and likes to buy whatever is presented at the day of the show! And with a well-equipped e-commerce organization this is exactly what can be achieved!

The number of collections per season is growing and even 'continuous delivery' is introduced at some brands. This means that fashion brands are taking their entire workflow back to the drawing board. A significant reduction of time-to-market has impact on all departments involved in the product life-cycle!

To support this process, also all commercial content need to be available much sooner in the process. With a smart approach, costs can be cut by shortening the supply chain. An integrated approach of photography, e-commerce and marketing can achieve this.

Here’s where the solutions developed by Linx IT Solutions are of help. It’s not for nothing that iconic fashion brands are relying on our software!

With the Enterprise Digital Asset Management System (DAM), and integrated Product Information Management system (PIM) and our Photography Management System (Phomas), Linx anticipated years ago on the changing requirements of the fashion industry and speeded up the time-to-market significant!

With the “Delivery Driven” user interface, Linx again created a new approach to support Marketing Communications and E-Commerce.

Based on “Delivery Driven Design”, for retailers it is easy to support any delivery / campaign / collection / capsule. To support local marketing needs, online artwork designers allow local staff or local markets to create artwork when they need it, based on central developed designs. As simple as that. You are easily and fast creating what you need, when you need it! It saves waste, speeds up the process and of course quality is ensured.

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