2017 news

Mon, 16 Jan 2017

Today, we updated our web site. The web site now shows a number of solutions which are available in our media portal solution.

Before Q3, we will lauch ShareIT!, a new module in the Linx Media Portal. ShareIT! is based on the Enterprise DAM System AssetFlow and is developed from the perspective of teams collaborating and commenting on shared assets.

Planned for development and a first release in 2017 is Ecomware. Ecomware is our second platform which will contain all you need to feed your web shop. It will contain Phomas, the ultimate Photo Shoot Management Solution and also the brand new Phomas Copy Solution. But it also will contain a AdFlow module were you will find all the tools to create online imagery for your web site!

In Q1, Phomas Copy will be released. The beta release is already running from November last year. With the update to the release version, Phomas serves both images and product descriptions for a web shop!