Narrowcastware featuring:

  • Improve the impact of information
  • Also for non-commercial use
  • Influence your clients or your sales - or even both
  • Easy management of your information
  • Tell your story

Manage your daily cast!

Smart use of Narrowcasting empowers in-store marketing. With Narrowastware, you easily can program your daily cast and integrate this with local or region-specific content.

Adding AssetFlow and AdFlow to the Narrowcastware suite gives your local markets or store managers the tools to create their own promotions and insert these in your daily cast. Simple fast and effective!


Create your daily cast programs in an intuitive way.


Schedule programs over various daily time slots to present your store users the offers most suitable for the moment of the day!


Allow store managers or regional markets to create specific content matching your design guidelines.


Our production team now manages a variety of in-store displays, each with unique content and multiple daily programs! Showing the information we want to show at any time we want!